LINDNER HOTEL, Strahovská 128/20, Praha 1






Situated close to Prague Castle, the famous Charles Bridge and Prague’s “Eiffel Tower”, the Lindner Hotel Prague Castle lies nestled in the historic UNESCO grounds of the Strahov Monastery, a location offering breathtaking panoramic views yet still only a stone’s throw away from many of the city’s most popular attractions.

Like the “Golden City” itself, the Lindner Hotel Prague Castle bears witness to past eras with a compellingly elegant genius loci and abundant flair. The hotel’s peaceful yet central location and its charming design make it a wonderful base for exploring all the city has to offer, a romantic home-away-from-home in a perfect setting and an ideal location for weddings. Experience and enjoy the perfect blend of medieval and modern.

Ceremony and reception options - capacities and rentals:

  • Library, Summer terrace, Courtyard: 50 - 100 guests, 5 - 10.000 CZK ceremony rental fee