How to find your reception venue?

Once you have chosen your ceremony venue, your second wedding planning decision is to find your reception venue. It is important to define your needs, it will help you to find a reception venue that meets your expectations.

To make the right choice, you need to have many answers to your questions like is it enough big to hold your guests ? Is it a venue with catering ? Is it close to your ceremony venue ? Does the location have any restrictions ? What is the price of the location ? How long can you rent the location ? Is the location will be privatized ? Can you play music all night long ?

Our team knows how valuable these answers are. That is why we have created an online shop to make your choices easier. You will find the perfect location for your reception, thanks to our large choice of reception, ceremony venues and more.

Please check out our online shop, add what you need to your virtual shopping cart and play with your budget.