Castle & Chateau Weddings How to Start

We get a couple of dozen times a year the same request. We would love to get married at one of the castles or chateaux.

Its understandable, Prague and Central Bohemia (close to Prague) have over 700 castles, chateaux, fortresses, towers and many more historical monuments.

However, to be honest it is one of the biggest challenges we can face. Why ?

Many of these castles and chateaux have hundreds of tourist visitors each weekend, so to bring your wedding party there can be quite an unnecessary challenge.

Almost anything is possible but the question is affordability - what's worth it and what's not.



Here we have prepared for you a short list of venues to consider. You may contact them directly, some even have an in-house wedding coordinator.   However, just the title on a business card does not make a good wedding planner although they are the in castle or chateaux specialist. I had a chance to have one of them in my Wedding Academy Advance Courses and trust me its worth it to interview even an in-house wedding planner.


What we can do for you to make your castle and chateaux wedding a reality:

  • Help you to make a shortlist of 5-6 which you can visit with or without us
  • Help you see the differences and suitability
  • Present you with options and independent opinions
  • Plan your wedding with you and be your wedding planner


We have just recently had potential clients, a couple who wanted a castle wedding and they were surprised how many things you need to consider and how difficult it can be to choose. Just a few things to consider:

  • Some castles just do wedding ceremonies
  • Some castles do cater for weddings but the setup can be difficult or expensive in case of rain
  • Some chateaux are so popular that they can cost 10 000 EUR+ just for the rental fee


On the other hand it can be a great fun for those who really want to go for the very special experience from Medieval, 17th,18th century to very lavish castles and chateaux with a great deal of privacy and exclusivity.  


We will be happy to help, ask us for more details.