VILLA RICHTER, Staré zámecké schody 6/251, Praha 1






Weddings in the middle of an old-fashioned vineyard at the Prague Castle have a singular magic no matter what the season. Breathtaking vistas of Lesser Quarter rooftops and towers beyond grapevines are always different but always amazing.

VINEYARD RENTAL FEE for a wedding ceremony -if accompanied by a wedding banquet - is 10,000 CZK

  • This price includes:Closure of the vineyard grounds, preparation of the ceremony location – a table for the priest/registrar, seating,  Wedding arch (without floral decoration)  Location rental for a ceremony without a banquet is 20,000 CZK

RESTAURACE PIANO TERRA is a restaurant located on the ground floor of the villa and on the adjacent south terrace with a view over Prague. The covered outdoor terrace allows larger wedding banquets to be held year-round, with heaters ensuring your comfort even during cold weather.

  • Terra Terrace: round tables - max. 100 seats, square tables - max. 130 seats, buffet / cocktail - max. 150 seats
  • Terra Salon max. 20 seats
  • Exclusive reservation is contingent on minimum consumption 120 000,- CZK

PIANO NOBILE RESTAURANT This exclusive restaurant is located at the upper floor of the Villa. It is composed of the Greenhouse room and four private salons with elegant interiors. The greenhouse also has an outdoor terrace.    

  • Greenhouse 30 - 40 seats, Terrace 40 seats, Salon Green - 16 seats, Salon Pink - 24 seats
  • Salon Yellow - 8 seats, Salon Blue – 20 seats
  • Greenhouse 50 000,- CZK, Greenhouse with terrace 70 000,- CZK.
  • Salons: Green 15.000,- CZK, Pink 20 000,- CZK, Yellow 10 000,- CZK, Blue 20 000,- CZK.
  • Exclusive reservation is contingent on minimum consumption 120 000,- CZK

Exclusive reservation of Villa Richter is contingent on minimum consumption of 250,000 CZK. Exclusive reservation of Villa Richter + Vineyard is at 350,000 CZK.

Weddings on Saturdays - only with the condition of total exclusivity.  

  • 10% Service charge will be added to your final bill.
  • There is an after midnight fee (applies from 2 am) 10.000 CZK is charged for each started hour