Boat Trips offer and explanation

Boat Cruise

Enjoy our amazing boat cruise on the Vltava River, while enjoying the sensational views of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the National Theatre and more!


WHEN to do the boat cruise ?

1)     Between your ceremony and reception/dinner celebrations:

A river boat cruise is a wonderful way to entertain your guests between the ceremony and reception and offers a pleasant and peaceful time to enjoy your guests and the beauty of Prague.  From our previous experience, boat cruise after the ceremony is always a very nice activity and is welcome by the wedding guests.

Bride and groom can take pictures while their guests cruise on boat and join them for the second half of boat trip.

2)     In the evening, after your wedding dinner:

For relaxed drinks and pleasant talk to your guests and/or for dancing. You can dance inside the boat or also on the sundeck (moondeck in this case!)

3)     For a pre-wedding get-together with your family and guests, or for brunch the day after your wedding

 The boat will be only at your disposal, for your private use

All cruises start and end in the center, close to Charles Bridge.

TIMING & LENGTH of the boat cruise

For a boat cruise after your ceremony, the ideal time is 2 hours, or 1,5 hrs.

For pre-wedding dinner/cocktail or brunch, even 3 hours are fine. The boat can stop once or twice to let passengers out.


SIZE of the boat

We have all sizes of boats – for 2 – 200 passengers.

Boat have airconditioned/heated inside area with bar(s), and a outside sundeck.  Bathrooms are on board as well.

There are seats, and also areas to stand at bar, and a dance floor if you wish.



You can provide refreshment and drinks for your guests, and they can also buy drinks at bar (cash payment required).

Usual thing to do is:

1)     Provide a welcome drink and canapes, and have your guests buy additional drinks

2)     Provide a welcome drink, wine, beer and canapes for guests

You can also decide to pay for ALL kinds of drinks for your guests.

Buffet lunch or dinner is also possible on boats.

For more information regarding the prices for food and beverage ask your Wedding Planner.


Music on boat

CD music is included with boat rental price – you can bring your own CD´s to be played.

Live music is possible as well: 

String Quartet: 1 hr 9000 CZK, 2 hrs 12000 CZK

Accordeon: 1 hr 3500 CZK, 2 hrs 5000 CZK

Jazz Band:

1 hr - price from 8000 to 12000 CZK,

2 hrs - price from 12000 to 20000 CZK, depends on type of jazz band


Prices for rental fee:

The minimum rental is 1 hour, and the quoted prices are per hour and do not depend on the number of guests on board.



Here are some pictures from previous weddings