We organize the whole wedding day for you – wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and celebrations, including all the wedding categories (services). We are the conductors of your wedding day “orchestra”.  Our team of 7 wedding planners and support stuff will prepare a dream wedding for you, and our experienced wedding planners make all the services work together in simple harmony. Enjoy!


Additionally you will choose a ceremony package that you would like:


These are our fees for organizing your wedding and including costs associated with the ceremony, reception and services will make up your budget.  Please see our budgets section for a sample budgets.


We offer you only good quality and approved venues and vendors, to save you from disappointment and also save your money.  We are happy to help!


What is the difference between Full service & Premium Wedding?

Premium Weddings:

  • always organized by our Senior Wedding Planner and/or our Wedding Director
  • Up to 40 hours for symbolic ceremony and up to 60 hours for ceremony with legalities of off-site coordination