The very first thing to decide is if you wish to have a SYMBOLIC or LEGAL ceremony.

What is a SYMBOLIC ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony is the promise of love between two people.  It is the exact same as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings.  The only difference is that it is not legally binding.

You can opt to get legally married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony in the Czech Republic.   If you prefer, your wedding guests don’t even need to know this is a symbolic ceremony.  About 30% of our couples decide to have a symbolic ceremony, and for them this is the actual wedding; the legal paperwork is then only a formality.


Advantages of a SYMBOLIC ceremony

  • Larger  variety of ceremony venues are available

Signatures of legal document take place another day in your home country, the documents are usually a lot easier for you, do not require verification and translations, and your wedding is of course legal as well.

-          Obtaining documents in your home country and the legal

-          no legal documents are requested from you before your wedding

-          you save time and money obtaining those documents

-          we offer significant discounts off your wedding ceremony packages, as no legal translations and office meetings are necessary

-          you can arrive to Prague only one day before your wedding

-          the choice of ceremony venues is larger

-          the choice of available ceremony dates and time of your ceremony is larger

Disadvantages: Signing of legal documents takes place on another day than your wedding.

What is a LEGAL ceremony?


Your wedding will be legally valid in Czech Republic and worldwide, you will receive a valid marriage certificate issued by Czech authorities, with legal verification and translation into your language,  that you will later present at your home offices.

For a legal wedding, we will request a number of legal documents several weeks before your wedding.

Advantages:  your wedding is valid legally, signatures of the legal documents is at the same time as your wedding day


-          legal documents you need to obtain for us need to have higher verification, the process can be time-demanding and also costs money

-          you need to arrive to Prague 2-4 days in advance and spend about 2-3 hours at office meetings with us

-          Choice of ceremony venues and ceremony dates/times is limited