Religious Ceremony with legalities

Prague  (Czech Republic)  offers weddings in  roman-catholic churches  or  other churches–such as Church of England, Jewish weddings in synagogues, orthodox weddings etc.  


-       CATHOLIC

For a catholic wedding, at least one of you have to be catholic, with a baptismal certificate. Both of you have to visit your local catholic priest for a pre-wedding preparation.

More information as well as Ceremony Order will be provided to you by your wedding planner.  You can choose to have your readings (usually one from Old Testament, one from New Testament).  Your friends can of course read those readings.

Unity candle can be a part of your ceremony.


A catholic ceremony takes approx. 45-60 min, depending if you wish to have a Holy Mass or not.


The ceremony is in English, or in Czech and English, or in Czech and your chosen language.




For a protestant ceremony, you do not need any extra documents from your home country.  


The ceremony is in English, or in Czech and English, or in Czech and your chosen language.


Length of ceremony is approx. 30-40 minutes.


For other religions, your wedding planner will discuss directly with you.


For all religious ceremonies, you will meet your priest/pastor before your wedding to get to know each other a little bit and discuss the ceremony order.


LEGAL PAPERWORK will be required for the Czech (Prague) register office:

Foreigners getting married in Czech Republic need to present following documents: (please note each nationality varies and details also depend on which country you currently reside in. Your coordinator will give you exact information important for your current status.)

In general you need to present:

-          Birth certificate

-          No Impediment to marry (document you are single/divorced, and your address and nationality, issued usually by your local register office)

-          Divorce decree if divorced

After mailing all documents to us, we will let them translate into Czech by an official translator and fill in the complete paperwork for you at our register office.

Please note that your documents need to be in Prague with us 45 days before your wedding day, so they can be presented in time to the register office.  

Non-EU citizens are requested a document from Foreign Police in Czech Republic, issued latest 7 days before your wedding day. We are happy to guide you there and help you fill in all paperwork as requested.

Your marriage certificate will be issued 20-35 days after your wedding day, we will obtain necessary stamps and translate it by official translator.

Your wedding is legally valid worldwide.

Clients are requested to be in Prague 2-3 days before the wedding day (in general a Monday or Wednesday before the wedding day, for register office meeting) unless agreed otherwise with your coordinator.