Paid Consultation

Why to consider a paid consultation ?

Reasonable Clients knows that some things costs money, some things / knowledge cannot be shared for free.

Yes wedding planners meet prospective Clients hoping they get to hire them. But not always its the case. Some brides just need help with few things, advice .. or specific help such as legal paperwork advice or verification.

Very common way of paid consultation is also helping with venue visits and do consulting in the meantime while travelling, discussing various topics

We offer hourly consultations for just CZK 500. If the Client Hire PragueWeddings for a service than we will return this fee.




PragueWeddings Inspection Trip





What is included in our Inspection Trips:

  • Up to 4 Hours on the Day with a Senior Wedding Planner
  • Visit of several ceremony venues as well as reception venues


  • Inspection trip in Prague venues – half a day, 4000 CZK
  • Prague + 1-2 castles up to 50km from Prague (Konopiste, Mcely, Karlstejn...), 6000 CZK
  • Prague + 1-2 castles more than 50 km from Prague (Krumlov, Hluboka...), 8000 CZK

Please kindly note some venues cannot be visited all in one day due to distance from eachother (ie. Bouzov, Hluboka, Prague)

An Inspection trip is a great way to visit several venues for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, get valuable information about your wedding day possibilities, budgeting, time planning, legal requirements, and discuss your ideas and wishes with an experienced senior wedding coordinator. Your coordinator will work with your prior to your trip via in order to realize the best venues for you to visit based on your wishes and our experience and knowledge. We will also arrange all the necessary appointments and meeting with all the venues so ensure a smooth and informative inspection trip. In total, with the pre-trip preparation and the up to 4 hours of time together on your actual inspection trip day, we will spend roughly 5 hours organizing and carrying out your inspection trip.


a. Pre-payment- with prepayment, you confirm your arrival, and the wedding planner can dedicate more time to prepare the inspection trip, book visits in several venues, and adjust the day and venues to your wishes based on exchanging emails with you. Therefore the inspection trip will be more efficient.

- credit card accepted via our secure online credit card payment system

b. Payment upon arrival - wedding planner can spend less time getting prepared for your inspection trip, but he/she will still use his/her experience to go through all aspects of the wedding day and visit venues
- both cash payment and credit cards are accepted
- signed contract must be returned to hold your inspection trip date


a. When to come
It is better to visit from October-April.

i. Civil or Church weddings in Prague - Mon-Sat
ii. Castle weddings- Tue-Sat (most castles are CLOSED from Nov-March, but please enquired to special appointment)

b. When to book - ideal is to book inspection trip at least 5 weeks in advance to make sure venues are available to visit

c. Booking air tickets for inspection trip - please DO NOT book your airplane tickets before you receive confirmation from one of the PW team member that inspection trip is available - we may be fully booked that particular week with weddings and/or inspection trips

5. FAQ

a. Can I bring one or both of parents / or other guests such as bothers/sisters or friends for inspection trips
- Of course, they are more than welcome. We have 7 seater car so we can easily fit up to 6 guests

b. What happens if we do not book wedding with PragueWeddings - Do we get inspection trip fee refund?
- No refund is given. The money will be used to compensate our time, experience and knowledge, transportation, parking and related costs.

c. Why do we charge for the inspection trip

We have to cover the time and experience of the wedding planner, transportation costs between venues, parking and information provided as not all interests of clients coming for inspection trips are genuine. Some tried to use us as free information office and travel service.