PRUHONICE CHATEAU, Zámek 1, Průhonice

They are not like any other castle; they are a fairy tale castle. After all, our grounds were used as a set for numerous fairy tale film adaptations. It was Cinderella in the salons, Rumburak whizzing over the roofs, devils hiding behind the chimneys. They offer you the chance to experience your own fairy tale with us.

On the outskirts of Prague, a stone’s throw away from the Southern Town, the Průhonice Castle is located, surrounded by a unique park, rightfully listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a landscape masterpiece, established in 1885 by Count Silva Tarouca. Throughout the four seasons, the park offers a beautiful scenery not just for romantic walks, but for hosting wedding ceremonies themselves. Blooming magnolias, rhododendrons, and roses are as splendid as a veil of colourful autumn leaves.