MIKULOV CHATEAU, Zámek 1, Mikulov

The former Liechtenstein and later Diestrichstein chateau on the rock has been a unique dominant of the Mikulov skyline for centuries.

The original governor ´s castle was donated by Přemysl Otakar II in 1249 to the Liechtenstein family as the fief. In late 16th century the new owners of the seat, the Dietrichstein family, had the chateau reconstructed to the present appearance after the fire in 1719. In 1945, during the retreat of the German army, the chateau was burnt down to the foundation and reconstructed in 1950 thanks to the care of the Union for Renewal of Mikulov Chateau. The reconstruction was quite demanding. The most interesting parts of the chateau are the chateau library and the Ancestors´ Hall. Now the chateau has been the seat of the Regional Museum of Mikulov with several interesting exhibitions.