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Dear Clients,

I hope this email finds you healthy and your families are well and safe. I would like to confirm that PragueWeddings will not be charging any posponning fees or extra charges for our work occuring with wedding reschedulling.

Its not easy as a lot of work was done already and budgets are tight but its our way to help.


Current situation in Prague as of April 9th Czech Republic with just over 5000 cases now, daily increases around 100-200 is slowly approching the pandemic peak. Its been indicated than kids should return to school in mid May, some shops reopened today, first small weddings should be allowed no later than early June. So the only unknowned is when the borders will be opened and skies too for entire world to be able to travel to Prague. I think mid August would be great from my opinion


Some clients are considering to move their wedding to August/September 2020 and if it will be still closed than to whatever date in 2021. Please consider carefully if you want to take the chance and opt for August/Sept. Or even October date when we dont know how the pandemic will go, when the borders and skies wil be completely open and to all nationalities. Its believed here in Prague that borders and flights will be opened relatively very soon but not to all nationalities based on the actual pandemic situation the the respective country


PragueWeddings Free postponning work applies only once. If the Client decides or is forced to reschedule again we cannot invest unlimited hours of our time. I hope its understandable. In such case we would suggest a contract appendix with new additional hours needed and compensation for this. We would of course ask the Client for approval.


PragueWeddings officed remained closed, PW Team works in limited mode from homeoffices so please be patient with our answers

PragueWeddings was, is and always will be with our Clients 😊 We have been with our Client through a lot since we have started 22 years ago, financial crisis, devastating floods, volcano disruption and more. We will go through this together again and i am sure we all will enjoy and appreciate the wedding even  more than before.


We look forward to come back to work and restart all the exciting work for you, our Clients.

Stay safe and healthy. Happy Easters


Martin & Your PragueWeddings Team


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How long in advance do I need to be in Prague before the wedding day?

For symbolic weddings it is ok to arrive the day before your wedding, for weddings with legalities 2-4 days before your wedding, depending on what day in the week your wedding takes place.



What legal documents do I need to get married in Czech Republic?

In general you need to present:

  • Birth certificate
  • No Impediment to marry (document you are single/divorced, and your address and nationality, issued usually by your local register office
  • Divorce decree if divorce

For more detailed information please visit our section Civil ceremony with legalities


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